Friday, September 14, 2012

Birthday Girl

 Our five year old had a pretty good day for a Tuesday birthday this year.  It was a school day, so that's always a winner for her.  We started the morning with chocolate chip oatmeal muffins, by her request. and she opened a few gifts.  Multi-colored headbands were a hit, as were the purple clothes and accessories.  (Thanks, Deb!!!).  She was "Star Student" all week at school so she was able to bring in some special toys in the "Star Bag" to present to her class.  Her baby doll made the cut for that day.  Carrigan had school, so Delaney and I showed up at Brinnly's snack time in the cafeteria with donut holes.  It was a pleasant opportunity to watch her interact with her new friends.  There are three "Isabellas" in her class!  It's a sweet group in there and donut holes always add some extra smiles. We saw this first grade cutie at her snack table and couldn't resist giving her a donut hole too:
After some Happy Birthday Skyping, we enjoyed macaroni & cheese and egg roles for dinner.  Brinnly's request, again.  Tomorrow we are off to Idlewild to celebrate the day away!

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