Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Homework Club

 Brinnly was overjoyed to bring home her first homework assignment today.  Mali had homework most days last week: usually one sheet of phonics and one of math.  Brinn was itching to feel as grown-up as that.  Thankfully, they are both still in the stage where they enjoy it and don't complain (much).  Homework at this stage is fairly labor-intensive for parents since there are always directions to be read and instructions to be explained. so I am glad the girls don't usually put up a fuss.  It's a good chance for me to see their academic progress.  After a few adjustments, I think we've got the afternoon routine of snack-homework-clean-TV-dinner down pat.
  Laney is of course, always ready to help with any big-girl project.  Especially if it's at the table.  There's always a chance food may be involved and she wouldn't want to miss out.

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