Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Five years ago today, we met our family's first "little sister". Brinnly Ruth Ward.  And what a delight she was--especially after a extra-long labor and a worrisome delivery.  She was 7 lbs, 1 oz of sweetness and even though we were exhausted (we did have a one-year-old Amalia to care for too!) we knew she was a special one.

Brinnly quickly gained a reputation as the high-maintenance one in our family. She liked to be held, refused bottles, and established strong food preferences early on.  But one bat of those eyelashes and we were all suckers for her.  She could snuggle up to her parents in an extra-special way. 

Somehow, along the way, she's lost most of those high-maintenance ways.  She's lately as independent as they come.  Dresses herself in the morning, preps for bed without prompting, etc.  She marched off to Kindergarten at age 4 3/4 and loves every second of it.  Her sisters are always eager to choose her to sit by them, or play pretend, or any number of games.   Delaney, especially, appreciates her tenderness.  I hope to always remember Brinnly singing to newborn Laney after one of her first baths:  "Rub, rub, rub a dub, two bears in a tub.  Mama and her baby cub, singing rub a dub". I have visions of Brinnly being a loving Mama to her baby cubs someday.

She's still our sensitive one.  She's aware of the needs of others and can show of a good display of stubbornness with a side of foot stomping for her self on occasion.  She gives affection freely and fiercely.  We love the notes and pictures she makes for us and her willingness to share--even from her piggy bank. Music is big to her.  She loves dancing and singing and hopes to play the flute and organ someday.  In addition to her gymnastics and ballet careers.

Brinn loves the color purple, good books, princesses, and fancy shoes. She's barely surviving the school's new uniform dress code which limits her ability to add as much flair to an outfit as possible. She still won't touch fruit in most forms but has added shrimp and sushi to her list of favorites.  Although she'd probably eat a bowl of cereal for every meal if she could.  With chocolate anything for dessert.

Brinner-Bugs, you make our world such a sweeter place.  We are glad to have you in our family to learn how to love even more.  Thanks for filling our arms with hugs and our faces with smiles.  We look forward to watching you grow and flourish even more in the year ahead.  Purple suede boots and all.

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