Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nine months old!

We are totally claiming that she said her first real word on her nine-month birthday on top of her regularly scheduled cuteness.  She had been saying "mamamama" and "dadadaa" sounds often, but on her first morning of being nine months old, she reached for her daddy's arms and said "Daddy".  We're sure that's exactly what she meant.  (Have you ever known a Ward girl to be uncertain of her wishes?)  Precious.  She has started to be more of a Daddy's girl sometimes and hates when he leaves for work or meetings.  Her favorite thing in the world right now is Italian food and she has a strong dislike for safety gates.  She would really, really, like to play with all the tempting things in the bathroom, but her mean parents don't let her. We doubt she'll be crawling too much longer since her eyes are on the vertical prize that is walking.  Just has to keep up with her sisters.

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