Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Crazy Saturday

I just had to recap what a crazy Saturday we had this past weekend.  It started when my alarm went off at 5:00 so I could drive up to meet up with a friend who is training for the same half-marathon that I am.  Ten miles later (That's right, ten!  My first double-digit run ever!) we were sore but proud.  From then I came home to relieve Jonathan of child care so he could run to Home Depot.  He and Carrigan spent some time there picking up needed items and even made a wood craft at the Saturday workshop area.  

We then headed in to Oakland to drop off a fruit salad for a church lunch and more importantly, go visit Rex Carter at the hospital.  He was a precious little bundle and Delaney eventually let all of us hold him too.
While we were on our way there, Jonathan got a call from a friend inviting him for a beer for that friend's birthday. We were in the area, so why not?  The girls and I dropped him there and picked up some impromptu sandwiches for ourselves to eat outside in the same plaza (close but not too close to the guys' afternoon out).  It was perfect weather. 
From there we headed home for naps so Jonathan could also powerwash everything in sight.  Well, mainly just the backyard.  Our baby-sitter came over at dinner time so he and I could head to date night--our neighborhood's Night at the Races.  A fun event that landed us both as winners of door prizes.  One right after another!  We are the proud owners of a golf basket as well as a Sensory gift package.  Not bad for 24 hours! 

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