Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lovely Lake House

 For our third year in a row, we were gifted a weekend getaway with our partners-in-parenting to beautiful Alpine Lake.  Check out our view as we pulled into the area:

 It wasn't quite swimming weather, but the boating was still splendid, as was the playing and exploring, and general relaxing.

This was one of my favorite spots--across the lake from the house

 So many good memories in a beautiful setting.  I wish I had captured more shots of the indoors time.  Good thing Kellie had her fantastic camera there with us.  See more of her shots here.

And of course, the final kid-shot on the steps.  Once again, a new one in the mix.  Quite a group, these eight. We are blessed by them.  Thanks, Ryan and Michael families!

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Debbie Barrow Michael said...

So glad everyone have fun! Great photos!