Monday, September 09, 2013


Not that there is ever a lack of chatter around this place, but Delaney is certainly adding to the word count these days.  We find her charming and brilliant with such conversation.  Biased, I'm sure.  Here are some of her recent gems:

Me: "Delaney, should we go pick up Carrigan from school?"
Delaney: "No....Brinnly"!

We went to visit new baby Rex the other day in the hospital.  (Photos of that to follow!).  Delaney was quick to dub him "Laney's baby" and if anyone would ask her if they could hold the baby she'd say "No!  LANEY'S baby"!

She loves talking on the phone as well as Skype.  After she said a loud and animated hello to her Grandma Deni last night, she dashed into her closet.  She came back with a onesie that Grandma Deni had given to her (in April!) and pointed to the picture of shoes on  it.  "Baba Deni--pretty--shoes!".  That's right, her Grandma Deni had indeed given her the onesie with the pretty shoes on it. 

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