Saturday, June 07, 2014

Five for the Weekend

I have so many pictures to sort through and post from our lovely past few weeks but before that happens, here's a few notes of the normal goings-on around here.

1).  A huge hug of congrats to our dear Grandma Sandy for her retirement!!!  Never again will she have to work a visit to Pittsburgh around her work schedule.  What a impact she had made on the many, many children she has taught over the years.

2)  Also an accomplishment to celebrate:  Amalia passed on all of her levels on her first session of beginning/intermediate gymnastics.  It was an excellent fit for her and we've never seen her work so devotedly on a skill.

3) Our big girls also wrapped up the school year with track and field day again this year and came home with some impressive medals.  At the general awards ceremony, Mali was also given the class "Bookworm Award, and Brinnly the "Fruits of the Spirit Award".
4) This just in--Brinnly has a new loose tooth. She's always pretty proud of the new sandals she bought with her own money yesterday.
5)  Laney would describe those sandals as "big".  She categorized everything these days as "big" or "little".  Usually, she prefers "big" things or things that are "Big like Daddy". Although she herself is "little".  Mali is "big", I am "little".  She labeled each and every public potty on our trip as "big" or "little".  Even if it gets a bit tedious, it's pretty darn cute. 

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