Saturday, June 07, 2014

Ward Family Midwest Tour Part I

With a baby niece to be baptized and a bridesmaid dress ready to show off, we figured there was no better time for a family vacation than the week of Memorial Day.  Who cares if the calendar claims it's still spring and school's still in session? The weather was picture-perfect and made traveling easy, even with a certain two-year-old who just made her way out of diapers.

Our first stop was the Berrien Springs/Valparaiso area to welcome Aunt Pam into town and travel down for sweet Julia's baptism.  Welcome to God's family, Julia Marie!  I'm pretty biased, but her baptismal gown looked as beautiful as ever on her. 

We topped that event off with a yummy lunch, a quick swimsuit shopping trip, and then swimming back at Miss Julia's house while she napped.  What a reason for celebration!

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