Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ward Family Midwest Tour Part III

Just when we things had been winding down for us event-wise, it was time again to get things started.  On to Milwaukee!  The place that the Jonathan and Kaethe Ward family first called home!  So near and dear to us! And this wasn't just any visit--it was to celebrate our dear friend ("Aunt" to our girls) Hannah and her wedding to Matt.  Not that we'd even had an opportunity to meet the guy yet!

(Anyone reading this blog knows that photography is certainly not my strong suit. Thankfully, the wedding photographer was fantastic and took lots of amazing shots like these.)

Even before the actual big day, our time there was filled with a Big Bend picnic (gifts of fans for wanna-be flower girls), swimming, custard, WI beers, former co-workers, and wonderful catching up with Milwaukee residents. I still maintain I've never met kinder people.  Hannah and I even had the opportunity to run a few miles in perfect May weather the morning of the wedding.  Don't worry--our orange pedicures were well protected with our running shoes.

And the wedding itself was everything that Hannah and Matt deserved. A few shaky moments (literally!) but everyone there felt so blessed to be a part of their day and to watch their two families come together. They are off to minister together as pastor and wife/organist in lovely Arizona and we wish them nothing but happiness. Such an honor to be able to stand by their sides on their special day!

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