Monday, July 13, 2015

Four Months Old

Their sisters chose their outfits for this month's photo shoot which explains why Grant is decked out in his Brewers onesie, golf cap, and new robot blanket while Everly is pretty in her most pink outfit either.  These pictures don't quite capture it but they are much happier these days and exploring a few interests.  The exersaucer was new this week and is a huge hit. We were surprised to find how quickly they learned to manipulate the toys on it. Everly has been rolling from back to tummy and then back again for several weeks now.  Mr. Chunka-Monka Grant--not so much.  But he burns a lot of calories with his grins! She weighed in at 10 pounds even at their doctor and he topped the scales at 12 lbs, 4 oz--double his birth weight! They both regularly sleep through the night (!), assuming they are swaddled into their Rock and Play's with the white noise blaring. Homebodies, for sure, they really don't do well anywhere else. But they are so sweet, we'll let them get away with anything, these two! Love them so. 

(A typical shot for these babes)

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