Friday, July 31, 2015

The Kurths Came to Wisconsin!

Our dear friends, the Kurth family came to visit us in yet another state last month. What a treat it was!  We picked up exactly where we left off (with just a few extra kids) and explored this state together.  Old World Wisconsin was fan-tas-tic! The kids ran around with rhubarb in hand, checking out every aspect of pioneer life. The Ryans joined us too and we filled up that one-room schoolhouse. We also checked out a new playground, biked to Hallmark, toured the Milwaukee Art Museum and made about a million more memories with these wonderful friends of ours. Plus, they cooked for us!  While we munched on rhubarb bars! Oh, and Karianne and I both RAN together and RAN to Target/Trader Joe's together--my favorites! Thanks for trekking cross-country for us, Kurth family! 

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Karianne said...

It was our pleasure! What a fun trip that was. Can't wait until our next vacation together!