Friday, July 24, 2015


 Nine!  How is that even possible?  Our bold, beautiful Amalia June has been our girl now for close to a decade.  She's feisty and strong but sweet and even occasionally shy at times.  This year has been a winner for her.  Granted, a move was tough for her (the tears as we left her former school!) but she handled it well.  She was the most nervous of the crew about starting somewhere new, probably because she knew how tough it could be. But wow, she did great.  Her new environment challenged her and kept her on top of her game.  Her classroom teacher became her biggest hero. She learned so much this year--times tables, US Geography, assembly lines, acting, and how to perform to high standards. Her great-grandma Dena even got to help her practice for her States test after Christmas. She loved school every but Tuesdays since choir was NOT as easy fit for her. Don't ask how she felt about "choir attire" to church. She did really well in a new session of gymnastics even when that was all brand new too.  She continues to love to cook and bake and we've watched a lot of the Food Network together.  We love to watch her becoming more independent in such tasks but she's still my "sombrita" when at home. And she has absolutely no use for pretend play, as much as her sisters would love her too.

Speaking of sisters, she has absolutely impressed us in her role as biggest sis lately.  She delights in the twins and has immense patience for them.  She has a special relationship with each of them and they adore her. She loves to imagine what they'll be like when they grow up and how they'll relate to her.

Amalia June, you stretch us in new ways every day and make us better people just by being around. I hope to always dream as big as you do and laugh as loudly.  You are our special gift from God and the past nine years have been filled with blessings. We love you Mal-Doll!

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