Thursday, July 30, 2015


Six years ago our lives were quite a bit different than they are now and to top things off, a brand new baby girl entered our arms. We couldn't have asked for better! Her bright blond hair and blue eyes reminded us of both her Aunt Kara and her Aunt Amber but she's always been a model of her own. Her sweet, spunky, and brave personality makes her such a unique part of this family.
This was a great year for Carrigan. She had never really enjoyed school before--just various parts of her day.  She and Kindergarten though were a match made in heaven. Her teacher was her special gift from God this year and she really clicked with her friends as well. She reads now and does so all the time.  She loves her sisters but when squabbles occur--and they do!--it is a good reminder that alone play for her is great too. She's becoming quite an artist! And she's a pro at cuddling babies too. Grant and Everly cannot get enough of her.
Carrigan loves riding bikes, pretend play, crafts, fashion, legos, and puzzles. She still cannot really decide on what she should have for breakfast on any given day and she does NOT like cake or frosting. Spicy foods?  Fruit in every course?  Yum!  Her favorite is still tuna casserole. That girl!  Green  is still her favorite color, preferably with pink and cheetah prints on the side.
Our sunshine/storm clouds girl is outdoorsy and tough, spirited and brave. She cuddles up to us often, especially when sick (WAY too much this year!) and chats our ears off. We eat it up.  Carrigan Grace, you are a delight and a blessing to all of us. Thanks for being right in the middle of our hearts

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